Hunger Games

It’s been, and slay-down-for-the-Lord-590x368till is, quite a journey this one. And yet, last night, I was part of a small gathering that made it worthwhile; it was the small beginning. I love small beginnings, they excite me. They are fresh, full of hope; intimate. There was hunger. Hunger for Jesus, hunger for His Kingdom to break out. The Holy Spirit had gathered us, a couple of those sat around the table eating in our kitchen I had never met before. Angels had been gathering in our home since about six-thirty, and we just knew that He had something special for us. His pleasure saturated the meal as we chatted and shared hearts, stories, highs, lows.

We then began to worship and pray together, craning an ear to heaven’s call. And it came. Angels completed their assignments. Generations of blessings were released as some wept, some laughed, some groaned for the sons and daughters of the earth to be released; heaven smiled. Words were released, oil was poured out, scripture flowed. And then a stillness, so deep that it literally smothered us; the weight of the Glory of God pressing down.

A year ago this would have been a planning meeting for just another church event; confined, limited and with the inescapable agendas. And yet now, with our eyes firmly set on simply The Kingdom of God, in that hour of standing, sitting, lying in the presence of God, His vision was released. All left with a story, an encounter, a sense of belonging. Each had received their part in His plan straight from heaven, just the next step mind. All were accountable to God and each other for what they had received and heard. Leadership was evident, in the way some moved around the group, serving, blessing and facilitating others’ encounters. This was truly His body, working together to release what would bring Him Glory.

This city, this nation and this world is hungry…….and the alarm clock is ringing.

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